Lo Stazzu:

is an ancient rural settlement characteristic of Gallura, was an 'agro-pastoral, "... generally self-sufficient family inhabited cell originally created by shepherds, many of whom came from the nearby Corsica, between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries ...". Now is a country house divided into small apartments for the holidays.
Stazzu Rosa is set in a green valley, rich in crops and farms, to cross, for example, on horseback along the quiet Lake Casteldoria.
On lake you can see different animals species, especially birds that stop, spend the winter here and nest such as kingfishers, herons, mallards, but there are also the kestrel and the marsh harrier.
More frequent activities, in addition to birdwatching, are fishing and tour kayaking and canoeing. The valley lies at the feet of Monte Ruiu offering, especially at sunset, an unmissable glimpse of bedrock with reddish shades.

Excursions with mountain bikes or bikes become a great adventure, a journey of uninterrupted exploration. Once reached the top, excursionist will be given a wonderful view of the Asinara Gulf: for those who want more, it's possible to get to Monte Limbara, destination of hikers and free climbers which, with its amazing scenery, come to embrace the coast of Corsica. At the gorge of Mount Ruiu towards the sea, you can visit the Thermal baths of Casteldoria, from which 70° C water springs gushes.His healing properties were known by Romans passed through Anglona.

Kayak Casteldoria


Green Train


Casteldoria's Thermal bath



Approaching the coast, in a quarter of hour by car, lays Valledoria, located into Asinara Gulf, halfway between Santa Teresa di Gallura and Porto Torres, and its 20 km long beach joins the Castelsardo cliffs to the rocks of Isola Rossa. Surroundigs are definitely able to offer entertainments, activities and sports as well as peace and relax, with the option of isolate yourself even during the busiest summer. There are the best conditions to dive and practice surfing, kitesurfing and windsurfing. In addition, Scupaggiu - placed in the center of the North Coast Sardinia - allow you, in a very short reach to visit the most beautiful, traditional and interesting places of our island: Alghero, Stintino, Castelsardo, Costa Paradiso, Santa Teresa of Gallura, Arcipelago della Maddalena.

Lo Stazzu Rosa
Località Scupaggiu, Frazione Tisiennari
Bortigiadas, OT, Sardegna
Ph: (+39) 338.9880533